Going Red On Short Hair Or Why Ombre Is The Answer

When it comes to choosing a new hairstyle and new hair color, the struggle seems to be huge. There are so many shades and opportunities to create new ones that people easily get lost in such an abundance of choice. However, there are still a few favourites allowing us to narrow down our choice options and finally opt for something. And this is an ombre hairstyle being both classy and flirty. If that is what you have been looking for in a new hairstyle, stay tuned!

Once you know that ombre is what you want, you still have to choose from two and up to seven colors which you will try to combine in this very hairstyle. And this may be the hardest task to do. If you are a happy owner of chestnut hair, the answer is, though, obvious since brown to red ombre for short hair looks not only good but also extremely stylish and up-to-date. For those searching a bit of inspiration, explore the appearances of big stars on red carpets, and this hairstyle will certainly emerge on a few of them.

Why Going Ombre Is So Worth It

Many girls like red color on lips, clothes and cars. However, when it comes to becoming red-haired, not many dare to go all the way. Given that red is a rather attention-getting color, it will not suit modest girls. And that is exactly when ombre hair comes into play. Obviously, with the help of an ombre you may add these burning ends of red color, but still enjoy rather a moderate hairstyle. If that is what you are seeking, then go ahead.

Here are some of our top suggestions for brown to red ombre for short hair:

– brown to rustic red: if you would like to leave a part of your hair in their natural color, then you may only add some color to the tips of your hair. Rustic red looks extremely good for these purpose, as these two colors contrast perfectly and give that country girl look. Though a confident country girl, remember this;

– red to copper balayage: for those ready to experiment further with colors and textures, adding some balayage highlights will be an ultimate decision. This combination is softer and lighter than the classic ombre;

– bright red ombre: the hint here is to choose warm shade of bright red not to create too bold hairstyle. Anyways, you will shine for miles with this hairstyle while also feeling super confident and empowered;

– coral red tips: another good option for those who prefer more subtle and gentle colors. You may leave your top chestnut hair untouched and simply add a pop of coral to the tips.

To wrap things up, red color can look graceful and decent on hair, given the appropriate shade and coloring technique. While some would eagerly opt for a rather bright look, others may go for a warmer and softer one just to ensure that this color does not scream louder than other components of the overall look.