How to make your hair white

Girls love change. Today they are blondes, tomorrow they are brunettes. A change of image is necessary as air. So when you see a snow-white hair color on a presenter or a model from an advertisement, you immediately want to try it on yourself.

But such experiments often end badly for the hair. They become brittle, thin, lose their shine and elasticity. In addition, not all girls are white hair. So, before you start an experiment, think carefully. But if you are determined to become a snow white blonde, you should choose only high-quality cosmetics for coloring and care. Then there will be no unpleasant surprises with the hair color.

Is it worth to dye white?

To answer this question, assess the condition of your hair. If they are damaged and depleted, it is not worth continuing experiments. Platinum blond is capricious and will not stay on such curls. Girls with naturally dark and thick hair also find it difficult to achieve a white color. And maintaining it will be even more difficult. Dense hair is reluctant to give up the pigment and accept the new one.

The second thing to pay attention to is the color of the skin. It is categorically forbidden to dye snow-white blonde to girls with a warm appearance color type, yellowish or tanned skin. Such a contrast will age the face and highlight the flaws: large features, redness, large pores. Platinum shade of hair is suitable for those who have pale skin of peach or pinkish hue.

Harmoniously white color looks with gray or blue eyes, creating an angelic and innocent image. It also combines well with brown eyes, if the complexion does not give away yellow.

If you decide to dye your curls white, consider changing your look.

You will have to reconsider your makeup and closet preferences. Give preference to cool pastel colors in clothing and natural gentle shades in cosmetics. Choose bright colors for your evening looks. Pay attention to the blue, blue, lilac and lemon shades. Red and burgundy stylists recommend to choose carefully and pay attention so that they do not give away orange.

How to achieve a white color

Recoloring hair into white takes place in two stages. In one day, the curls are subjected to a full lightening and toning. Therefore, it is important to prepare them for these procedures. Two weeks before bleaching, begin to make moisturizing and nourishing masks and apply oils to the hair. After the coloring also pay attention to the health of your locks, but they should be restored with professional cosmetics.

It is not possible to achieve the white hair color by only bleaching. This procedure will only help to lighten them up to the desired level, i.e. to fully remove the natural pigment. It is especially difficult for dark-haired girls; for them it may require several bleaching procedures.

The mass-market household dye will not help to lighten the hair qualitatively, so buy a lightening powder and an oxidant for it:

  • A 3% oxidant lightens by one tone.
  • A 6% oxidant lightens by 2 tones.
  • A 12% brightener lightens 3 or more tones.

It is best to choose both products from the same company. The bleaching process is best left to professionals. But if you decide to do it yourself, strictly follow the instructions.

Hair bleaching should be followed by toning. It helps to remove yellowing and achieve a snow white color. Neutralizes the unwanted shade of ash mixtone in the dye. It is designated by number 1, standing on the second place in the number. Thus, the paint should be numbered 10.1.

To tone bleached hair, choose a dye that does not contain ammonia. It does not traumatize the locks, though it washes out faster than ammonia.

Do not hold the dye on bleached hair longer than 15-20 minutes, as the cuticles of the hair are already open, and you only need to fill them with pigment. Check the result every five minutes to avoid unwanted violet shade. When you are happy with the result, go and wash it off.

hair white

How to keep the white color

Platinum blonde fades over time, so in addition to dyeing the grown roots, it is necessary to tone the entire length. Without damage to the hair this can be done by tinting shampoos and balms. You should not confuse them with tonics, which not only do not care for bleached hair, but also ruthlessly dry it.

All manufacturers of professional cosmetics produce a line to eliminate yellowing. Consult with a consultant, and he will choose products suitable for your hair type. Pay attention to the fact that their composition contains ceramides, keratin, natural oils and proteins. They are necessary for the care of bleached hair, restoring its structure and protection from external influences.

To maintain a white color without yellowing, follow some rules:

  • Always protect your hair from exposure to sunlight. Otherwise they will burn out, fade, and become dry. You can do this by purchasing sunscreens or sprays with SPF protection.
  • In the pool wear a cap. Otherwise, the water containing chlorine will dry out the hair, and it will take on a yellow tint.
  • The first time after the coloring shampoo and balm for colored hair. Then alternate them with masks for damaged hair.
  • After each wash, apply a full-length, non-washing product designed to protect your hair. This will leave your hair shiny and supple, and help protect ends from split ends.
  • Hard tap water cancels out all your care efforts. Wash your hair with boiled or melted water or place a pipe filter.
  • Frequent washing of hair contributes to a rapid loss of color. Try to do it 2-3 times a week or less often. To prolong the freshness of curls, reduce the use of styling products to a minimum.
  • Rinses with mineral water or water with vinegar are helpful for white color.

Do not forget about the health of your hair while following these recommendations. On damaged locks any color will not last long. Already in a week they will lose their shine and rich color. Love your hair and do not dye it more than once a month, otherwise instead of a beautiful blonde you will get a yellow color.

What food can I eat to turn my white hair black?

The coloring pigment, melanin, which is synthesized in the hair follicles, is responsible for hair color. If not enough melanin is produced, you get gray hair in your head. Brunettes have the most coloring pigment, but they start to gray before blondes, who have less melanin in their hair.

Metabolic disorders, hormonal disorders, digestive problems, anemia, vascular diseases and nervous disorders lead to loss of melanin and hair discoloration. The cause of early graying may also be heredity, smoking, excessive coffee consumption and frequent use of irons or hair dryers.

Melanin can not be obtained from the outside, eating foods that contain it. But it is possible to improve its production and restore its level, and thus restore the hair rich color and brightness. The most effective ways to stop the graying are salon procedures: laser therapy, plasmolifting, mesotherapy and ultrasound treatment. Complement these procedures can be a massage and rubbed into the scalp of various vitamin preparations.

Unfortunately, even effective salon procedures can’t help to completely avoid hair graying. You will still have to spoil your hair years later with frequent coloring to hide the gray hair. This means that gray hair, like all diseases, is easier to prevent than to treat. Therefore, in order to avoid early gray hair, it is necessary not to wait until the first gray hair appears, from about 16 years of age, to regularly follow the following rules:

  • include meat, fish and eggs in your daily menu. Scientists have established that the acid contained in the animal protein – tyrosine, promotes the production of melanin. Therefore, it is safe to say that the more the body lacks proteins, the faster the hair turns gray.
  • every day to eat foods rich in B vitamins, as well as those containing copper, chromium, iron, zinc and folic acid. Lack of these elements in the body affects the metabolism, the nervous system and consequently affects the nutrition of the hair, the formation of pigment. It is important to note that most of the above micronutrients, B vitamins and folic acid contain foods rich in protein.
  • sleep at least 8 hours a day, the lack of sleep reduces the production of melanin in the hair follicles;
  • drink less coffee and tea, giving preference to natural vegetable juices;
  • always wear a hat in the cold season;
  • walk outdoors for at least 40 minutes every day;
  • do not smoke and do not abuse alcohol;
  • try to dry your hair naturally, and when styling as infrequently as possible to use a hair dryer and iron.

Genetic predisposition also plays a certain role in the early graying of hair. So if your mom or dad often mentions that their hair turned grey early, while others didn’t lose their natural color until old age, this should be a signal to you to take care of early gray hair prevention in advance. It is not necessary to run to a beauty salon for this, because you can massage the head and rub infusions into the hair roots yourself at home.

To make the massage, divide the hair into thin strands, twist each of them in turn on your finger and keep it like this for 3-5 minutes. Then stroke your head from top to the end in a spiral motion. Then make the same movements from the back of the head to the forehead and vice versa. Repeat the procedure at least two times a week.

There is an opinion that the active points responsible for hair growth and color are located under the nail plates. Therefore, in order to enhance melanin production, you should regularly rub your nails against each other, thus strengthening the energy of these areas. You should do such exercises for 5 minutes once a day.