Top Manicure Ideas To Try With White and Silver Colors

Choosing nail design is not as easy as it seems. Some may spend hours and hours looking at those Pinterest pictures and guessing whether one of the seen designs will suit them. There are also people, though, who are devoted to one nail art or design and always make it whatever the circumstances may be. Both of these categories have something in common as they are likely to fancy white and silver nail designs being especially popular nowadays.

Nail Designs Ideas For You To Try

Once in the world of unlimited manicure opportunities, it is easy to get lost there. Why so? Because it seems that any kind of art and color combination is possible thus making choice  difficult to make. If you experience the same troubles with choosing art design after hours spent on research of these, you will largely benefit from our advice. So keep calm, and follow it!

Top ideas for manicure which will definitely impress people all around you:

  • total art: white is nothing but a perfect base for art to be applied. Therefore, you may choose any kind of sticker or texture which you wish to put and this will almost for sure look fabulous. You can go with flowery designs, stripes or some geometrical figures, it is all up to you;
  • one glitter and four white ones: this is another basic technique for you to try as four out of five nails on each hand are covered in white. Then you choose the fifth nail and apply silver or glitter on it. You will definitely shine but at the same time will keep it quite modest and decent;
  • minimalist art nails: you can take white as a color to create shapes and figures on your nails while all the other parts can be left of natural color or covered in silver. You can find a variety of art options on the Internet, so make sure to do your research before starting to draw these.

Another important issue when it comes to choosing nails and making them is your mood. In cases when you feel low or would like your hands to play an uplifting role, go for more silvery and glittery patterns. If you are not sure you want people to look at your nails and explore them for quite some time, you should also avoid designs and geometric patterns. In all other cases, you are more than free to experiment and create.

All in all, when it comes to beauty of our bodies, we all are creators. This is our main responsibility to do what we want and like, and to do it more than consciously. Even if it is such a minor issue like nails design. We all know that details make all the difference and therefore shall be well thought of.