How To Emphasize Your Lagoon Blue Eyes

One of the greatest misconceptions when it comes to the beauty is the one about mature women. Many of them do not believe in their own beauty and therefore do not even try to emphasize it anymore. This is certainly not the right vibe for any women to experience and go through. Mature women possess a special charm and are beautiful despite what people may say or think.

Another question is how to decently and modestly embrace this beauty and mask the imperfections. And the solution is as simple as choosing the right treatment products and not being afraid to experiment with the makeup even after 60 or more.

Makeup Ideas For Blue And Wise Eyes

One of the greatest challenges for mature women is to accept the changes of the skin and accustom to them in terms of makeup. For those with beautiful deep blue eyes we have prepared a set of shadows which would look absolutely gorgeous on women of older age.

So, here is our list of the best shadows to use for eye makeup for blue eyes for women over 60:

– terra-cotta shadow: orange and all of its shades look gorgeous in combination with sky-color eyes and this is a fact. This bright and warm color makes your blue eyes stand out owing to the contrast they create;

– purple shadows: while blue and green shadows do their worst work for the blue eyes, purple functions just the opposite. Given that it incorporates a shade of red, this color helps accentuate the eyes and again let you stand out in the crowd;

– neutral smokey colors: neutral works good almost for anyone. Moreover, when you are over 60 and want to have that wise and sophisticated look, it is sometimes better to give up that bright colors and go for something more natural;

– gray shadows: shimmery gray ensures that perfect soft, romantic makeup look. Furthermore, gray makeup will bring out the light gray tones in your sea color eyes making your gaze even more intriguing.

To wrap things up, every woman despite her age is able to look stunning. The question here is whether she puts enough effort and knows how to make the right choice when it comes to makeup and cosmetics in general. For those happy owners of azure eyes we suggest using one of the mentioned above shades to embrace the beauty of their natural color while also take on that mood and character as these shadows imply.