Tips On Embracing That Emerald Color of Your Eyes

Getting ready for a prom is anything but an easy process. Girls want this to be one of their best nights in the life and therefore, the struggle is real. Whether you want to become the queen of the night or just get one dance with the guy you have always been in love with, you just ought to look stunning and that is it. Upon choosing a dress and a hairstyle, comes the hardest part which is makeup. For it to be flawless and astonishing enough, read our top tips below.

For those girls who have beautiful and rare green eyes, choosing a prom makeup can be a big deal. You do not want it to surpass the natural beauty of your face but also wish it was bright enough to be seen and sparkle on that dancefloor. Therefore, you need to be careful when doing your own makeup for the prom and take our advice into consideration.

Getting Ready For The Prom Night

Obviously, when it comes to looking for inspiration for that prom look, you would look to girls and women from the A-list having the same hue of the eyes as you do. Be it Kristen Stewart or Emma Stone, the fact is their makeup artists must have put some work into their red-carpet looks and we can also learn from that.

If you do not want to mirror someone’s look, though, here are our top suggestions which will work perfectly good in the occasion of the prom makeup for green eyes:

– gold and shimmery gaze: if anything can be more seductive than smokey eyes, this is the glowy gold eyeshadow. Gold and green obviously get along with each other in the world of colors and here is why to add some gold at your prom night is just a terrific idea;

– blue and purple eyeliner: go with the blue shadows along your upper lashline and make sure to add some purple under the eye. To finalize the look, you are good to apply plum mascara thus accentuating a hue of your eyes to the maximum extent;

– burgundy or dark red look: for those wishing to emphasize the eyes and leave lips with natural color, burgundy is the only option. In case you have never tried these rich colors on your eyelids, you definitely should as it looks nothing but fancy and appealing.

The last but not the least tip for your graduation night is to find what feels and looks especially good on you and highlight it. If you are the only girl in class with emerald green eyes, then make them the key thing in your look. Whatever makes you stand out, defines your beauty and uniqueness in this world. And that is what matters!